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2019 STEP Thanksgiving
2019 STEP Thanksgiving

       “A whole year’s plan in the spring and a whole day’s plan in the morning” 2019 STEP Thanksgiving trip has kicked off on Am08:18 ,9th Jan of New Year. For all STEP families, it is not an Ordinary trip but a meaningful and special. Because all of us would bring back the sincerest wishes and expectation to our customer, company and relatives. Lasting for 6 days, the charming scenery and the local customs has made this trip more interesting and unforgettable. Everyone in STEP Family felt pride of team and so lucky to be one of them. With a state of unity and thanksgiving, everyone has put all his heart to make the trip with detailed preparation.

     “Traveling Thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books” that was what this trip showed us. Full of surprise, pray and beauty, no matter where the trip was and when we met.





The meaning of travel is not where we go, but whom we go with. This trip made all colleagues more united and found each of them has the highlights to learn. As we often say that you can always find something to learn from the people who keep you company. This trip offered us a wonderful opportunity to learn from the sharing.


        Thailand is a Buddhist holy place. So, the local famous temples should be the first choice for us to go. Gathering under the aura of the Buddha Temple and praying for our valued customers, workmates, relatives and friends. We were encountered to the holy water from the abbot of the Buddhist temple with a small Buddha which has drowned the holy water, would surely make us realize our best wishes! This is an unforgettable and meaningful blessing journey. With pious heart, we were showing the best wishes to our relatives and friends, our customers with all dreams come true.


       Strategic partnership and high quality are the mission of STEP, With the dream of STEP PRODUCT, BETTER LIFE, STEP never Stop to innovation and take the Service, Team, enterprise and platform as STEP’s root for development,  Pursuing the first-enterprise can be taken as its wings, through which we can takes off. “Actions speaker louder than words”, STEP never forget to take the actions as prior. All we can that come from the duty—creating benefit to customer, helping employee to realize their dreams, making contributions to the society.


      For individuals in STEP, “Action “and ‘Spirit’ bring this company with energy and soul. Just William, the president of STEP, always told us “Be grateful”” be love”” be respected”. On the river of 16 years history, STEP has built a stable platform gathering 400 families from China. Everyone here, would do not hesitate to make effort to the big dream-STEP PRODUCT, BETTER LIFE.

We pray:
Our universe, working in harmony, no disaster;
Our human beings, living in harmony, no war;
Our country, developing in harmony, no injustice;
Our nation, progress in harmony, no battle;
Our industry is flourishing and growing.
Our customers, Prosperous business and repaid developing;
Our company, healthy and orderly developing;
Our parents, relatives, and friends, good health and happy family.
Our employees, harmony family and all dreams come true.

Company Culture:

Our Vision:

STEP Product, Better Life;


Our Mission:

Create benefit to the customer;

Help Employees to realize their dreams;

Make contribution to the society;


Our Sprit:

Grateful, Service, Efficiency, Innovation;


Our workstyle:

Modesty, Braveness, Profession, Promote Action.